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Beijing Industrial Alliance of Green Building Materials profile

Beijing Industrial Alliance of Green Building Materials is abbreviated as IAGM. With the support of the central ministries and the Beijing municipal government, architectural engineering and building materials business activities of scientific research institutes, universities, industry associations, enterprises, design units, construction units, supervision units and testing and certification organization get together voluntarily and willingly to form a cross-regional and cross-sectoral national non-profit social organization with the status of a legal person.

This alliance will be in accordance with the strategic guidance, technological innovation, green development, cooperation and win-win principle", market-oriented, technology and innovation as the driving force, the integration of industrial chain resources, build the green building materials and products of the joint development, standard system construction, product evaluation and certification and green label declaration, information and personnel exchanges and other comprehensive service platform, in order to promote the combination of production and research and promote the rapid and healthy development of green building materials industry in china.

IAGM’s main business includes the green building materials industry technology research and development, professional standards, professional information service platform and database, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, technology and product certification, training and consulting professional exhibition, the government commissioned to undertake matters and international exchanges and cooperation. 

The Union has hundreds of members engaged in activities of green building materials product development, production, testing and application fields, and maintain close contact with relevant units in the downstream industry chain, has abundant industry resources and expand market space. A committee of experts from relevant state ministries and commissions and the leadership of the competent department of industry have been formed to provide excellent service to the community in the areas of the strategy, policy interpretation and green building materials science and technology development. Build a powerful alliance of technology and product promotion platform and communication channels, hold regular professional training, seminars and annual meeting, which will be dedicated to business especially member services, help enterprises timely policy guidance, information resources to support, promote the brand image, expand market space, exchange of professional personnel, technology and financing cooperation services.

Contact information

Organizer Name: Beijing Industrial Alliance of Green Building Materials

Address: Beijing, Shijingshan District, Jinding Road No. 69, Building No. 3 Second floor

 Zip Code: 100041

Phone number: 010-88752099  010-88751830

Fax: 010-88751830